Welcome to my homepages. My name is Anna-Maija Kaihari. I have a small home kennel in Tampere, a town situated about two hudred kilometres north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

I do breeding as a hobby, but seriously. My aim is to produce helthy eurasiers with good temperament and breed typical apearance.


I got my first eurasier Leoniitan Nadja, 'Dooris', 1991. Dooris got her one and only litter of nine puppies 1995 sired by Akela von Attendara. One of them Northerpride Scarlet O'Hara satayed with us.
Scarlet has had two litters: 1998 sired by Dusty Mozart von Kirona and 2001 by Kiersinga Weijari. Of the first one I kept the only female one, Northernpride Madonna, 'Ronja'.

I have exported puppies to Sweden 
( Northernpride Tequila Sunrise ) and to Denmark ( Northernpride Zacho and Trésor ).



Northernpride Scarlet O'Hara


Northernpride Madonna

' Ronja 


 Year 1996 Scarlet was the best bitch in the annual main show of the eurasiers ( picture above) and 1997 she was the second best.

What I do with my dogs is mostly wandering in the nearby forests.
I have also done some agility, which my dogs love.We have also been in some competitions, but fof us agility is just for fun.

Scarlet got her fourth litter sired by Havulinnun Fakke Fantom, the 29.9.2002.